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We would like to welcome you to Sweden and offer our services so that we can help you with your personal finances. Fill in the contact form to be contacted by us, or call us directly to become a customer.

"Vardagspaket" for simple banking business

Vardagspaketet contains the most common banking services and includes a personal account, bank card, internet bank with payment options, and the mobile and telephone bank. This enables you to pay bills, transfer money and see your latest transactions at any time. All you need is a telephone or a computer connected to internet.

Mobile bank app available in English

Most of our services are provided in the Swedish language, but if you have an iPhone, iPad or an Android phone, you can download our Mobile bank app which is also available in English.


The ordinary fee for "Vardagspaket" is currently SEK 36 per month. For current interest rates please go to (swedish only).

Apply online

If you have a swedish Mobile Bank ID you can apply online. The online application form is in Swedish.

Other services

Our other services

  • Customer credits and mortgages loans
    Purchasing a computer,car, a new sofa or perhaps even a new home often requires financing. Nordea offers various types of loans suited to different financing needs.
  • Savings
    Saving is important throughout life - whether for something special, a deposit for your dream home or other plans. Nordea offers various saving and investment products with different risk levels and in different combinations. We can help set you up with the best savings and investment products suited for you and your requirements.
  • Insurance
    We offer insurance policies for you and your family. Sound insurance protection provides security in the event of illness or unemployment. Gathering all of your insurance with us gives more benefits and a sound overview of your entire finances.

Nordea's customer programme –
more benefits when you gather your business with us

At Nordea, we reward customers who gather their business with us. The more of your business you place with us, the more benefits and the better prices you receive. For more information and to test your level, go to (swedish only).

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