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Become a customer

We listen to and support you with financial advice for every stage of your life. Becoming a customer is easy, with mobile bank id you can apply online.

We offer our customers:

  • Easy banking – banking whenever and wherever it suits you.
  • Availability – support around the clock. 
  • Expertise – financial advice for every stage in your life.

”Vardagspaketet” for everyday banking

Banking should be easy. Our everyday banking package "Vardagspaketet" contains our most popular services such as a personal account, bank card, internet bank, mobile bank, and telephone bank. This enables you to pay bills, transfer money and view your latest transactions at any time.

Becoming a customer is easy

If you have mobile bank id, valid Swedish ID, and are 18 or over, you can become a customer immediately using your computer or mobile phone.

If you do not have mobile bank id, visit one of our local branches. We will help you get started.

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Switching bank? We will help you

Do you wish to switch bank to Nordea from another Swedish bank? We are here to help you with the transfer. 

Contact us by chat. You find our Chatbot Nova in the right corner or contact us by phone 0771-22 44 88.

Our services

Our services

Customer credits and mortgages loans

Buying a computer, a car, a new sofa, or perhaps even a new home often requires financing. We can offer you various types of loans suited to your financing needs.


Saving is important throughout life – whether you are saving for something special, a deposit for your dream home or have other plans. We offer various saving and investment products with different risk levels and combinations. Our savings experts can help set you up with the best savings and investment products suited to your needs.


We offer insurance policies for you and your family. Sound insurance cover provides security in the event of illness or unemployment. Gathering all your insurances with Nordea gives greater benefits and a sound overview of your entire insurances.

Gathering all your business with us gives greater benefits

At Nordea, we reward customers who gather all their business with us. The more of your business you entrust us with, the greater the benefits and the better prices you will have. For more information and to test your level, go to (Swedish only).

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