Become a Private Banking customer

We would like to welcome you to Sweden and offer our services so that we can help you with your personal finances. We hope to have the opportunity of showing you the advantages in being a Nordea Private Banking customer.

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Private Banking at Nordea

To become a Private Banking customer, you need an investable assets of at least 5 million SEK or managing other people's money.

Wealth advisory services are built on trust. We are therefore careful to establish close and trusting relationships with our customers. Each private banking customer at Nordea is allotted a personal advisor with in-depth experience of financial matters. Our advisors work with a limited number of customers and therefore have the time and possibility to work regularly with individual customers, their companies or foundations. The advisors also act as a link to Nordea's overall expertise. This creates solid fundamentals for optimally nurturing wealth. Our customers can thus expect a high-quality, personal and dedicated advisory service, regardless of who they meet.

Private Banking offers

Personal advisors

A personal advisor (Private Banker) is allotted to each individual customer. Our private bankers have extensive wealth management experience.

Financial plan

In the financial plan, we get to know you and your investment objectives, financial situation and knowledge and experience of investment products. Once we have this information, we present an individual financial plan - a long-term strategy describing how we can help each customer reach their goals. The financial plan is the cornerstone of our advice.

Insurance review

Insurance is an important part of an investment portfolio. Our insurance specialist have a thorough knowledge, and many years' experience of providing insurance advice. As a Private Banking customer you will be offered help with reviewing all your insurance policies and drawing up a strategy to ensure security, both now and in the future.

Discretionary management

Discretionary management means that we handle the management of all, or portions of your capital within an agreed framework. We manage your investments based on the direction you choose, and you receive a monthly report on how your capital is performing.


We offer the services of a personal stockbroker to customers who actively trade in Swedish and foreign securities and who wish to have a professional equity advisory service. The service also includes comprehensive transaction support in the form of morning reports, weekly newsletters, analyses and recommendations.

Trading in securities

Private Banking offers a number of different services for trading in securities:

  • Equity Trader: for frequent traders of foreign equities, options or other derivatives who want a more in-depth research support.

Online and mobile bank

Our online service and Mobile Bank app allows you to conduct your banking business whatever your location. The online service gives you access to asset reporting and enables you to keep track of your portfolio's performance. You can also view your holdings using Mobile Bank.

Nordea Platinum

An exclusive card enabling a high credit level and which offers many other selected benefits such as travel insurance and Priority Pass at airports globally.

Blocking services

Our blocking service provides assistance in the event of theft or loss. A single phone call enables user to block all of their own and their families' valuable documents, such as passports, driving licenses, cards and mobile phone subscriptions.

Price and terms and conditions

Contact us for further information about our services, prices and terms and conditions for becoming a Nordea Private Banking customer.