Startup & Growth unit

Starting up is always exiting. At the same time, it is often complicated and requires a lot of hard work. We have the people and the network to help your business grow.

Nordea Startup & Growth team

To make your journey smoother we have a specialized Nordea Startup & Growth team, dedicated to help startups scale and reach their full potential. Make use of our experience and extensive network to get a head start!

The Nordea Startup & Growth team can help you to:

  • Set up your business, put together and refine your budget and business plan
  • Understand your financing needs and options
  • Get the right financing solutions into place (such as loans, venture capital funding, state financing etc)
  • Find market information and guidance to expand your business to new markets
  • Get smart solutions that can take work off your back in place
  • Understand your cash flow and find the ways to utilize it the best over time
  • Expand your network and get you in touch with the right people

Are you a startup in the process of scaling up? Get in touch to increase your chances of success!

Starting up 1.01

Not yet started? We have put together a guide with information, tools and inspiration to help you get started.

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