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Build the most suitable portfolio

What is the right portfolio for you? When we have identified your investment needs and preferences, we will start building your portfolio.

It is all about the mix of assets

All our investment advice are based on a solid theoretical foundation, combined with years of experience.

Your view on risk and return determines your portfolio’s strategic asset allocation, which means the mix of bonds, stocks, alternative investments, cash and other types of assets. 

Each asset has different levels of return and risk, and will behave differently in various market conditions. A mixture of asset classes in your investment portfolio helps to reduce the overall risk of the portfolio and to provide more stable returns. We seek to reach the highest return at the lowest risk. It is about taking risk to get returns, but not to take unnecessary risks. 

Investment solutions

The biggest part of the return comes from the mix of different asset classes in your portfolio, but at the end of the day, the recommendations will be implemented in the shape of investment products and solutions. 

As our Private Banking client, you can choose from a whole variety of traditional and alternative investments that can be combined to meet your specific needs. At Nordea we integrate sustainability into our investment products and have a thorough screening process for responsible investments. We believe that this adds value both to you as a customer and to society at large.

Short-term changes based on our global market view

If you are interested in financial markets and like to have a more active approach to your investments, we can make short-term deviations from the strategic allocation, with the aim to further increase the yield of the portfolio. Our tactical recommendations are based on our current global view on market conditions as well as on the analyses and recommendations of Nordea's experts within fields of macro economy, equities, currency and bonds.