Privacy Policy - Nordea Wallet

Information regarding the processing of personal data

Personal data registered in connection with the general terms and conditions for Nordea Wallet is processed by Nordea Bank AB (publ), corp. id no.: 516406-0120, 105 71 Stockholm (“the Bank” or “Nordea”) for registering cards for Nordea Wallet, bank and credit card balances, and card transaction data. The personal data also constitutes a basis for marketing and customer analyses, business follow-up, business and methodology development, and risk management. Risk management also includes processing of data concerning a borrower and credits for an evaluation of the quality of credits for the purposes of capital adequacy. Personal data is also used for marketing purposes. 

Personal data may also be processed, within the bounds of applicable confidentiality provisions, by other companies in the Nordea Group and other businesses with which the Group collaborates as part of its operations (such as VISA and MasterCard), both within and outside of the EU/EEA. Information in the order may also be provided to authorities in countries other than Sweden pursuant to local legislation. The Bank may screen the payment information against sanctions lists which the Bank, pursuant to law or the decisions of authorities, is obliged or entitled to apply in order to ensure payment execution.

Cardholders requiring information about which personal data about them has been processed by the Bank may submit a request in writing to that effect to Nordea, Personal Data Controller, 105 71 Stockholm. The request must be duly signed by the person submitting it. The Cardholder may contact the Bank at the aforementioned address to request rectification of erroneous or misleading data.